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by Flora on February 17, 2012

Essential Oil Distiller

Essential Oil Distiller

Essential Oil Distiller


Essential Oil Distiller is a device used to extract oils from several plants to be used in food flavouring, perfumes, soaps, drinks, body care products, etc. These oils, known as essential oils, also know as ethereal oils have also been known to aid in reducing stress and treating several other medical and non-medical conditions. They can be extracted from fruits like juniper berries, seeds from almond, celery cumin; wood plants like rosewood, sandalwood, camphor; flowers like chamomile, clary sage, cloves; plant roots like the valerian; leaves such as basil, thyme, peppermint, bay leaf and also peels form fruits like oranges, lemon, tangerine, plants that belong to rhizome family like ginger as well.

Types of Essential Oil Distiller

The process of distillation involves placing the plant materials in an essential oil distiller that contains boiling water. The plant’s volatile compound are then vaporized by the heating water’s steam. The vapour from the plants, which passes through a coil, condense back to liquid form and collected in a receiving lid. There are several oil distillers available in the market and one need to shop around and study the various features contained in each one in order to be able to pick a distiller that will serve its purpose effectively and efficiently. Some of the best essential oil distillers include: 15 gallon copper distillers, which is ideal for lavender and lavanding extracts. It is made of pure and high quality copper, which helps in eliminating sulphur compounds in the plants to give brittle and sweet-smelling essential oils. The distiller uses electricity or propane and distils about 20lb of the raw materials per bunch.

The EOV2000 distiller is considered the best essential oil distiller available in the market. It is perfect because it is easy to use and give steam extractions that produce high quality and pure essential oils. The fact that it is made from glass makes it possible for extraction to go on without other things to come into contact with the raw materials. The distiller’s receiver is able to collect approximately 20ml oils, whether heavier or lighter than the water and at the same time drains away the hydrosol. The distiller does not require much attention once the distillation process is under way.

Another essential oil distiller is the 40 Liter Rotating Column, which is ideal for distilling both the essential oils and hydrosols (excess condensed water used for various purposes). It comes with Copper Alembic Essencier, which assists in separating the oils and the waters from the distillation equipment to leave you with high quality essential oils.

Essential oil distiller usually made of different materials, some in copper, glass and others are made of stainless steel, some of them come with other distilling accessories like oil separator and essencier too. You can even make your own essential oil distiller at home or buy a distiller of your choice online.

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